Some of my works on canvas and walls that span back from early 2004 to current. There are a lot of canvas’s that have gone undocumented

many were given away and sold. If you are interested in seeing more pictures or contacting me about prices.

Also if you want any custom painted gear or are interested in artwork for yourself…feel free to contact me at the email below.


In private collectors currently not available.

Not avalible

Not available

2011..Mixed media ,  24” x 36” Sold

46 X 28 , Spraypaint, Acrylic, and paint markers, 2010 *Not Available

paint markers , spray paint 2009 *Not Available*

mixed media  2010 *Sold*

mixed media 2010 *sold*

mixed media. 2010 *sold*

mixed media 2010 *sold*

mixed media, 2010 *Not Available* 



3 Responses to “Inside”

  1. trale June 13, 2010 at 8:14 am #

    dope site keep the pics coming

  2. Philip Mclean February 10, 2012 at 12:23 pm #

    If i get the Money for some of your canvases man, would you possibly maybe do a copy of some.. i love every aspect of your desighns. i have my mind soul and heart set into graffiti, your an inspiration 2 me. i wish i can be as good as u some day. -Amor613, yah but gimme a message, i have lots 2 talk about n go over with n just a tone of questions that will keep coming if you dont mind, i wanna keep in touch fora long time, keep buying pieces when i can afford them, im 16 btw, and Canadian from Ontario. graff name is Amor, i spread the love all over my little town 🙂

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