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25 Sep

Real talk

Via Drewski mane

Peep the Dunce 28 tags



24 Sep

Long time friend .. who is in a far away place .. never ceases to amaze me with his art ..

check out his website and if you are into that car stuff .. this is the guy !

Spray magic

13 Sep

UTAH ETHER.. show you some tricks.


9 Sep

I don’t have the internet at headquarters (so hood)  so that’s the reason for lack of new updates and pictures. 

Good news .. is that i have a shitload of new (original) pictures and i have a new job which pays much more than my old one (swag swag) 

stay tuned and subscribe for updates .. or check us out on facebook ! just search for our name and like us !


It’s just a game.

3 Sep

Seems  interesting .


3 Sep

Some of mine some of this some of that some of the interwebs some cool shit that must be shared. 

Dope shit