Yay !

22 Aug

Fucking hurricane is coming ! i kinda like it because it pretty much turns the whole state off for a few days or weeks depending on how much stuff gets fucked up.. sitting around with no power kinda makes everyone go crazy .. i see it as a reason to go out and explore .. new spots always open up.  Also iv’e experienced a few of them (really bad ones too)  since being born and raised in Florida and i am not too worried about them, its funny when you see people going nuts like its the end of the world .. PPFFFT  .. I ain’t scared.

Fubar is the new new .. keep an eye on this one.

Original YNOT throwie and tag at a homies pad .. fucking forever lives

Don’t forget to check out the..



All of this guys stuff is great.

RISK x SMASH 137.. I peep’d them doing this while they were down in Miami. Cool video.


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