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Polo socks

29 Apr



28 Apr

A good friend, with some good taste; started a blog…. it will not disappoint just like his rap letters and he’s kinda famous so you can feel extra special.

check it out..add it up … roll it up … put some lean in yo cup .. an remember to pick up after your dog.

Haters .. dont see em

24 Apr



12 Apr

power moves





7 Apr

I bet yall wondering where the fuck is the clothing .. its been months .. i know .. well the DB clothing team in a nutshell is…  fucking super lazy ..

we got other shit goin on in our lives thats currently taking over. like .. oh you know .. money, bitches and hoes, boats and fancy clothes… eventually im gonna just do what we decided not to do and just get the shirts printed with out agreeing on a final design. so figure a month the shirts should be out .. also some stickers… who knows , who cares. thanks for following us on the site .. there is alot of things planned .. if you are interested in contributing just send an email.

I am awesome.



Scars and stripes

7 Apr

silver streaks …

came across this picture on the interstate .. vizie always blowin my mind with crazy styles ..

real recognize real , fuck you wanna beeee’s and you never wassserrr’s


La ville au 1001 clochers

2 Apr

Montreal, Quebec.