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30 Mar

Glamor Sex Love.

Tumble with the cool kids



26 Mar


25 Mar

Salut Bonjour fellow floridians and obsidians and canadians and himalayans and all other -ians or -ayans or -ans out there,

Heres some spray paint application from Montreal, Quebec.





Until next time,





25 Mar

The Grind

25 Mar

“ And I couldn’t get it up.
— Factotum p.205, 1975, Bukowski

The Bath Party

23 Mar

“Me, Crisse, Ian, and Quail had a brainchild. We dressed it in an oversized flannel and blew smoke in its face. It’s hair is now greasy enough to start showing people.”


18 Mar


Me, Enok, Trale, and Aztek . Painted this back in 2005 .. took this picture a few days ago

its sooooo faded out from the sun .. im gonna go back and fix it up .. once i get some free time.



pee ^