Fog of war

23 Feb

… pictures from the trip and a few more that were on my phone/ jacked..

alot of times that i wish i could have taken a picture it way too dark or sketchy to have a camera or i just didn’t have a camera at all so a majority of these are from my phone.

Tallahassee is a fun place, espectially if you have friends like mine; they drink like fish and can party harder than most. Five dollar pitchers and pints of beer for 1.25 , i was doomed  from the start.

Out of the four nights i was up there i probably slept a total of 8hrs, energy drinks and adrenaline was enough to keep me up.

The yard up there is one of the coolest i have ever been too and painted at; and is totally worth the trip in itself.

Got a few new cool updates to come though, going on another trip early next month. So keep checking for more updates and pictures till then.



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