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Lo Life

26 Feb




Fog of war

23 Feb

… pictures from the trip and a few more that were on my phone/ jacked..

alot of times that i wish i could have taken a picture it way too dark or sketchy to have a camera or i just didn’t have a camera at all so a majority of these are from my phone.

Tallahassee is a fun place, espectially if you have friends like mine; they drink like fish and can party harder than most. Five dollar pitchers and pints of beer for 1.25 , i was doomed  from the start.

Out of the four nights i was up there i probably slept a total of 8hrs, energy drinks and adrenaline was enough to keep me up.

The yard up there is one of the coolest i have ever been too and painted at; and is totally worth the trip in itself.

Got a few new cool updates to come though, going on another trip early next month. So keep checking for more updates and pictures till then.


Canadian bacon…and beer.

21 Feb

While we eagerly await the results of the 4-day bender which only the concept of leaves me shivering in fear from what  it might entail…Heres a February update from old Montreal town !

Ol' twisty Dingbat himself !


Take it easy  !

Going north

19 Feb

Heading up the coast for 4 day bender in tally vegas.

pictures and cool stuff will be posted when i get back !


17 Feb

1999 .. such a dope video

check it out

Ynot forever

17 Feb

We always think about you … you will never leave our hearts.. your real friends will push your name forever.

-Ynot tribute tagging wall at True Elements 2011-

16 Feb

A dash of Toronto and and a slab of Montreal !

Bon appetit !


He was a good can...

Mount Royal on sundays- Montreal

KOAL the chef





Gets - Baesr




– M.