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Its almost over.

31 Dec


I think you caught me in a moment.

29 Dec

Pluto .. thanks for the cans buddy !


21 Dec

True Elements 2011

20 Dec

Its official !

ahh yeah .. one of the good events.. see ya there !

With a little help.

17 Dec

1 am in the back of a pick up truck …while taking a piss homie leaned over and freaked out..

kinda weird seeing 5 large gators with gun shots to the head just chillin in the back of a truck @ a local bar.

New burners by ether and woes mul .

6,000 + views .. thanks to all for checking it out, It seems to keep growing i would like to allow different artists to come on board

and be able to make their own contributions to the blog, make posts and reviews.

If you are interested ill see if you fit the Demboys’ criteria.


Greve MUL

14 Dec

showed em how its done for Art Basel.

Shlivo’ time

13 Dec

Winter is here, things are going really well. Gonna end this year with some real good things. expect some good posts.

– E