Archive | November, 2010


30 Nov

A teaser of the wall thats in progress right now..



27 Nov


“I’m sorry I’m so sparkle’n”

26 Nov

memories of blasting threw Tallahassee in a G35 yelling out the window




22 Nov

If you are going to be in Miami For basel, this show is going to be Choice make shure you go to PF headquarters and check it out.


22 Nov


sent me an awesome early christmas present. i got one on the way back to him , we have been doing a trades through the mail and he is a cool dude. has a sick handstyle too one of broward original styles .

Homie needs to start a blog or website cause his stuff is dope !


20 Nov

Getting around that time of year again.. no sleep, blisters on feet, lots of boose, paint covered hands, colored snot, no showers, sleeping in cars, energy drinks, and lots of vandalism.

I will try to document my Art Basel travels this year as best as i can, im gonna be all over the place. So expect lots of cool pictures, strange pictures and straight up gangster pictures. hope everyone has a good time.



19 Nov

Spent 2 days at the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house in Miami, doing a couple walls inside their house, i stayed plenty busy on top of the ladder, hanging out with the bro’s, playing golf while listening to gucci mane, eating cuban food, getting tweaked on coffee and energy drinks, drinking natty ice, cutting out wood, doing “man shit”.  ” once’ ” the pitbull kept guard and destroyed a bunch of cups.

had fun !