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Graff n’ Dance

27 Oct

mr.smerk B50 killin it right now go ride that I-95


one of the coolest pieces ive seen all year ^


The broward king ! got this sent to me on my phone from my homie.. your still with us bro !



26 Oct

Couldn’t get the video embed link to work for some reason, some videos from DTA scenes from the recent Gumball.

See more at the link below



I gots the ill street blues

25 Oct


Whippin work

24 Oct

Rick ross performing at sneaker pimps

Dr.Dose working the Ynot merch booth


004 Connec

22 Oct

Just went by the shop today and picked up cans ill be needing for Art Basel, they are carrying a special new paint out.

check out the website and the blog, order some suppliesĀ  “E” from 004 is a nice guy he will hook ya up !

Sneaker Pimps

22 Oct

wu tang for the children

Off days and lunch breaks

21 Oct

One man army.