You know the routine…

4 Sep

Atomik and Sands.. did this great tribute for Y..


This girl from the post before is *drool*

girls an graff .. thats how it goes.

OK OK .. SO THERS BEEN ALOT OF SHIT GOIN DOWN. mad drama.. ya ya well im on my pac shit right now gonna have to just flex the new new even harder … im just gonna go bigger every time.

So im going to be getting busy with graphic projects for my classes as a change of things.

I got 20 projects to do. I was thinking of the first 5 being vectorized and colored.. sketches of some girls as a start.

Plus Im still working on this large canvas for a buddy, and trying to get the low down on some local spots; schedule is tight and sleep is deprived.

Im running out of wine

Im thinking a show is needed soon. I got some sweet drawings. 😉


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