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You can find me

30 Sep

in the VIP .. sittin in the corner like a owner witch two bad bitches who put out more than a donor

photo by: the real miami vice

metue..happy birthday you big boner face



29 Sep

Shes got some dope work , and a nice blog check it out .


29 Sep

One of my top 5 favorite writers from Florida. Rocked this for the homie. Just saw it online and had to tag it on here.

It made me smile ear to ear. Nice work AtomikĀ  you can check out more stuff from him on his site.


28 Sep

Sitting in class, should be learning how to build the internetz but instead im looking at slammed BMW’s courtesy


28 Sep



Off the BS blog, RIPO doing some sweet typographic/illustraton type graffiti.

Kinda funny that its close to somethingĀ  similar that i am currently plotting on some new canvas.

Last year my canvas work was a spin off digital photography/abstract, this years canvas work is going to be more typographic/mixed media.

I got one

New Love

27 Sep

I aint gonna lie.. i like spray cans like any other writer ..

but there is nothing better to me than a fresh marker .. fuck 30 color burners and artsy abandoned hipster graff.

give me a silver mop and show me where the gutter is.

“Just to get by”

throw back SIDA KEVIN SMEK

Another one .. no holding back now id like to point out the fact that if you are getting up .. don’t make it look like shit.

and if you do make it look like shit then you will be notified by people telling you it looks like shit.

Throwback Fridays

26 Sep

North Florida, 2006