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26 May

A hot summer day at the slab.


Black sheep

23 May

R.i.p. – Dash Sace

Lazy Summer Days

Things are going well. lots of little projects im working on.  Got a new shipment of supplies so im stocked with markers and ink for the summer

Im really pushing for a T-shirt design to get printed its a matter of picking one that people will like the most. One thing im going to really focus this year is on handstyles

i feel that its the most important part in being a writer. plus my trip to the west coast is coming up soon so i need to have my style on lock.


When She Bites

19 May

an album design for a friends band

– E


18 May


We own the night.

18 May

for teh luls.

Revok = graffiti boobies

Big AFEX doin work out on the west coast .. ILL BE OUT THERE SOON HOMIE

So yer boy ENMITY got another  job  so that makes two .

why might you ask  ?

i like money.

which invloves me staying up till 3am , which means that i am now

officially a night owl that creeps while you sleep.

And conveniently places me in the hood at 4am so expect a bunch more weird pictures and posts.

I am working on an album cover for a friends band which is totally awesome.. ill get to that in another post

keep checking. Smoke a fatty

– E

Jumping fences

18 May

Jumping Fences from Cydney Gray on Vimeo.

Appriciate your time.

15 May

Got a sweet new phone. expect some live posts .