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werking harda

31 Mar

motha fucking grappling hook

Guess i got my swagga back


Do Work

29 Mar


29 Mar

Steel Wheels

28 Mar

The show was great, got to chill with my crew and met some dope writers. There were so many trains that were painted it was awesome to

see trains from all the writers you grew up seeing and benching. These crews put in more work than most on the freight scene and they hold it down well.

A great representation of south florida freight graffiti.

Ganas UFK ICR repping it for the crew.

Just a grip of the pictures that i took. but you get the idea .. big show.. lots of trains.

gonna have to buy a few more of these 😉

Black on Black

26 Mar

took a stroll this mourning.

Sweet show coming up this weekend. try to check it out if your in the area. some of my crew is gonna be there and ill be there

drinking lots of brews and eating burgers . holla !

On a side note.. FUCK the WMC .. bunch of wack ass overpriced shit music festival .. miami feels like they can tax everybody this week

20 dollar cover to get into a bar that i normally just walk into… PFFFTT

have fun spending 9 dollars for a fucking Heineken you yuppie fucks.

Head Bobbin

22 Mar

Im a scratch nerd.. this is one of my favorite Dj’s

Ricci Rucker aka the ruckazoid one of the most underrated dj’s on the planet. from hip hop to electronic/dance

this guy covers it all and does it extremely well, try to find his stuff on the internet and you CANT … because hes that good.

A Real turntablist won’t whore himself  out on the mainstream this guy keeps it real.. he keeps it underground.


22 Mar

Check out this sweet Blog/website that’s been capturing South Floridas graffiti scene with awesome pictures.


*Enmtiy Approved